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To think is not a human quality anymore

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Technology is advancing everyday. With this advance many experiments have been developed. Scientists want to develop a robot with human capacities. This idea sounds impossible to believe for many of us but not for James Martin who believes that in the future, computers will be more intelligent than humans. Computers will be capable to diagnostic mental problems. They will use artificial intelligent and they will be able to reason for themselves.

Image credits: Frank Steiner - software: 3DS Max

People is scared that one day robots control the planet. This sounds crazy, this just happens in movies; but, futurists are creating machines that can do things that humans cannot. Right now, we have ATM machines that can count money much more faster than humans. We have computers with a huge memory capacity and you can save millions of documents. We have computer programs that can put effects in pictures, videos, images that humans cannot. All these examples are technology that already exist. Are we close to a totally robotic era? The answer is relatively obvious. With the advance of this machines humans became independent of all this technology.

Now a days we don’t need to wash the dishes because we have dish washers. We don’t have to travel long distances to see someone because we have skype. We are becoming more and more technology dependent. This demonstrates that one day we will need a robot that thinks for us.


Written by cynthialemus7

December 16, 2010 at 7:42 am

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